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A professional voicemail recording means your phone never goes unanswered when you're busy, on the phone or out of the office and callers are more likely to leave a message.Voicemail Messages are sometimes called phone messages, out of hours messages, night service recording or answerphone recording, just follow the instructions below to place your order in 3 easy steps and you could have your voicemail within 2 Working Days.

Place your order in 3 easy steps...

  1. Select voiceover

  2. Write message and complete order form

  3. Make payment

Voicemail messages are £59+VAT each, supplied via email as a wav or mp3 file within 5 working days.

Need your message ASAP? Select our 2 Working Day Service on the payment page.

Got a question? View our Voicemail Message FAQ or call us on 0800 0112 123


Start Your Order...

1. Select Your Voiceover

2. Write your voicemail message and complete order form...

Please enter your voicemail script. Maximum of 80 words. Only one voicemail message per order. See the sample scripts on the right for ideas.
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If you know what format your telephone system requires select below. If you don't know select 'Not Sure'

Before clicking 'Place Order' please ensure you have selected the correct voiceover and your voicemail script is complete. 

Example Scripts

Thank you for calling [Insert Company Name]. We are sorry no one is available to take your call at present. If you would like to leave your name, number and a short message one of our team will contact you as soon as possible. You can also email [Insert Email Address]. Thank you for calling.
Thank you for calling [Insert Company Name]. Our office is currently closed; our opening hours are [Insert opening hours] Monday to Friday. Please leave a short message along with your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible or email [Insert Email Address]. Thanks for calling
You’ve reached the voicemail of [Insert name]. [Name] is either on the phone or away from his/her desk. Please leave a short message along with your name and number and he/she will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you

Got a Question? Call 0800 0112 123


Voicemail FAQ

How do I load onto my telephone system?

This depends on the type of telephone system. Please note we only supply recorded voicemail greetings, we do not provide a service to load onto your telephone system. ORDER NOW

Standard Answer Phone - Such as BT Response

If you have a standalone answer machine such as a BT Response or it's build into your telephone then we will supply a standard mp3 file via email. Then it's just a case of playing back off your laptop, computer or mobile device and recording the message onto the answer machine. Make sure you're in a quiet room when recording as the machine will pick background noise. ORDER NOW

Mobile Answer Phone

If you wish to load the voicemail message onto your mobile. Simply dial your voicemail service from your mobile phone and follow the options to change your out going message, which is sometimes called voicemail greeting. Then play the supplied audio file on your laptop or computer and recording the message into your mobile, you usually have to press the # hash key when you have finished recording. Make sure you're in a quiet room when recording as your mobile will pick up any background noise. ORDER NOW

Business Telephone System - PBX

Some business telephone systems allow you to load an audio file directly onto the system, if this is the case then we can supply a wav file for your telephone maintainer to install for you. Otherwise you can play back the audio file from your laptop, computer or mobile device and record in the the system via a desktop phone, make sure you're in a quiet room for the best audio quality. ORDER NOW

Hosted VoIP or Local VoIP System

Most VoIP systems allow you to load an audio file directly into the system, this maintains the quality of the audio. We can supply wav files in any format required most VoIP system require a 8Khz, 16 Bit Mono wav file. Your system provider will be able to recommend the best audio file format.


Can you load the audio files for me?

We will supply your finished recording by email and we're sorry but we can't load audio files onto your telephone system or answer phone. We have provided a handy guide above with detials of how to load your voicemail message. ORDER NOW


What if I needed the audio file today?

We do offer an express 2 Working Day Service. Our express service is charged at £89+VAT per message. You can select Standard 5 Working Day or Express 2 Working Day service on the the payment stage once you have compeleted and submitted the above order form. *Turnaround time subject to voiceover availability. ORDER NOW


I need more than one message

No problem if you need more than one message just place a separate order for each recording.

If you need 3 or more messages then call us on 0800 0112 123 and we'll organise a bespoke quotation. ORDER NOW

How do I pay?

All payments are processed by Stripe you can use any debit or credit card that displays the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or American Express logo. ORDER NOW



Recordings are supplied in 5 working days, subject to voiceover and studio availability. Please ensure your script is correct as after submitting your order we will begin recording and any changes to the script will incur additional charges. All prices exclude VAT. All finished productions are copyright iNarrator 2016. By using our services you agree to be bound by our terms & conditions. The information you supply will only be used in relation to your order, we do not share this data with any other company or organisation. We may send you occasional promotions via email if you wish to be removed simply email with your request or click the unsubscribe link in our emails.