Why outsource voice recording?

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Remove the pain - for you and your clients

We can take away the pain for both you and your clients...

Your Pain

It's time consuming and frustrating for staff to be recording voice messages for clients. 

We can take away the pain and frustration... simply send us the scripts and we’ll supply the finished audio files within 3 to 5 working days ready to upload to the clients system, saving your service desk engineers hours every month.

We estimate it takes 25 minutes for a service desk agent to record a script, convert the file, and upload to a clients phone system, by outsourcing the recording to us this time can be reduced to less than 5 minutes to upload a professionally recorded voice message. 


Clients Pain

Different voices on different messages across a clients phone system is annoying for them and their clients. 

We’ll make sure every message we supply is with your clients preferred voiceover so all messages are the same plus we'll master every audio file so you don’t get any CHANges in the VOLume - which can be very annoying for callers.

Your clients will love professionally voiced messages as the quality so much better and they can select from a wide range of male and female voices with neutral or regional accents. 


Reasons to outsource:

  • Make your service desk more efficient – save time
  • Audio files supplied encoded and ready to load onto Horizon – save time
  • Standardised audio files, all the same volume – better for your clients
  • Wide range of voiceovers – both neutral and regional accents
  • Voiceover consistency for the client
  • Satisfied clients due to a more efficient service
  • Offer professionally voiced messages to new clients – increase customer spend
  • Seasonal support – we’ll help you prepare for seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter when lots of clients want to update at the same time.


Turn a cost into a profit

In your current situation offering in-house voice message recording is costing the company money, using iNarrator to record professional voice messages for your clients will turn a profit.


What’s next

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