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We're so glad you received our postcard, did you call your office and ask to be put on hold? We can help you improve your caller experience.

By replacing the beeps or generic music callers hear when placed On Hold, with professionally recorded promotional messages and quality music.

On the right you can listen to a sample of the On Hold Audio we produced for Khalid at Ellis & Co Finchley.  

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Since installing our new On Hold Marketing Audio I’ve had a lot of positive comments so I am very happy. I always pass on your details when asked or if any one mentions the on hold audio.
— Khalid Ghani - Ellis & Co Finchley

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Ellis & Co Finchley

Why You Need On Hold Marketing

Most callers are placed On Hold at some point during a business telephone call. Professionally recorded On Hold Marketing Messages can help you make the right first impression with audio that not only entertains callers but also promotes your company’s products, services and special offers. 

On Hold Marketing can reduce lost calls and is an effective form of marketing.

What do your callers currently hear when you place them On Hold?

  • Silence?

  • Beeps?

  • Tinny Music?

You should be making the most of the time callers spend On Hold by playing engaging and informative On Hold Messages to promote your products and services.

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Free Bespoke Audio Clip

So you can hear how good your finished recording will sound, we will write and record a bespoke on hold audio demo. So you can try before you buy

High Quality Audio

The best professional voice artists and quality music tracks. Our customers rate their finished audio as excellent.

Unrivalled Customer Service

96% of our customers rate our service as excellent, with every client happy to recommend us to their business contacts.

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