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Ideas for Childcare On Hold Marketing

One of the hardest decisions a parent needs to make is which childcare provider to trust with the welfare of their children; for most it is a decision they would rather not have to face as it often marks the ‘end of maternity or paternity leave’ milestone. 

Imagine you’re a (slightly emotional) parent calling round the local nurseries seeking information and booking visits.  You’ve had a look at the all-singing, all-dancing websites which promise your little darlings will have the time of their lives.  However, imagine then phoning said establishments to be met with a phone that rings out after 5 minutes, or someone struggling to hear you over the sound of 20 toddlers enthusiastically belting out ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. 

It’s not going to leave the best impression on you, is it?

How that initial phone call is answered, the tone and manner of how you are spoken to, and most importantly the feel you get for the nursery, will mean your mind has already been made up before you’ve even stepped through the door.

The handling of this first enquiry is central to your success; if parents have doubts about the professionalism of how a simple phone call is answered – or not – they’re going to have doubts about their feelings towards the nursery and about how their children are going to be cared for…and that's bad for business. 


Professionally Voiced Phone Messages

With our professional and informative messages, you can create the right first impression to leave parents feeling positive about the call whether they are new to the nursery or have been using your establishment for years and years.  Make yourself stand out from the crowd with our auto attendant, out of office, voicemail and on hold marketing messages. 

Creative Telephone Audio is what we do best...we'll make every caller feel special and ensure they're left with a great first impression. 

Let your telephone system do the hard work so you can concentrate on what you do best…whether that be Gruffalo Hunting, mud kitchen cooking or hand print painting!



Thanks to Nick Williams for including iNarrator in his brilliant new book Childcare Marketing Ideas.