Music On Hold Marketing Case Studies

Take a listen to the audio below to hear how great our client's telephone systems sound now they have professional Music On Hold Marketing Messages.

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We’ve been working with Head Office Interiors for several years providing On Hold Marketing and Telephone System Messages. Head Office has grown consistently to incorporate 3 divisions’ corporate transformations, educational fit out and refurbishment, and residential architectural design and construction.

The company undertook a big re-brand to become Headoffice3, and we helped craft their audio branding.

The project covered writing and recording a new batch of On Hold Marketing Messages, Telephone System Messages and recording the voiceover narration for a video to reveal the new brand to the world.

Here's a sample of headiffice3 new On Hold Audio:

Red Recruitment 24/7

In the same month we implemented On Hold Marketing from iNarrator one of our existing clients heard our message promoting our commercial service and subsequently purchased the service, which easily covered the cost of the On Hold Marketing for a whole year.
— Mark Morley - Red Recruitment 24/7


One of the UK's premier tandem skydiving centres

Agenda Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment Consultants

Thanks to our new On Hold Marketing Audio, we sound a more professional company when a prospective client or candidate calls our office.

Great service with real value for Money.
— Scott Moy - Agenda Recruitment

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