Call Centre Audio

Bespoke professionally voiced call centre audio including Interactive Voice Response prompts (IVR Prompts) and Call Queuing Messages can massively improve your callers' experience and reduce abandoned calls.

Professional greetings and simplified IVR Menus create the right first impression and can actually help callers instead of hindering them, which in turn improves call efficiency with callers delivered to the correct department quickly and easily, reducing stress for both agents and callers.

IVR Prompts and Call Queuing Messages are what we do best, in a whole host of different languages.

Sounding the same at every touch point throughout the life-cycle from initial enquiry, service supply and support and after care creates a streamlined, professional and consistent impression.


Benefits of IVR Prompts:

  • Improve call flow and customer experience – callers get to the correct department first time, every time
  • Create the right first impression – a well recorded IVR system should instantly create a connection with callers
  • Reduce call abandonment - when callers are directed to the correct department they are less likely to become frustrated and slam the phone down
  • Provide information – make sure callers have all the relevant details to hand so that when they get through to the department they need, it hasn't been a wasted call


Example IVR Prompts: 

Call Queuing Messages

Once the caller has navigated your IVR Menu, they enter the call queue this shouldn't be the generic 'Thank you for calling, please hold for the next available operator' type messages that irritate callers.  This is the best time to give callers useful information.

Use call queuing to:

  • Reduce the number of abandoned calls
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Cross sell products and services
  • Promote your website 
  • Direct callers to other contact means
  • Reduce agent work load
  • Prompt callers to try at less busy times

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Working with iNarrator:

  • The best professional voiceovers
  • Quick turnaround 
  • In house production
  • Audio in all file formats ready to use
  • Over 30 languages available


Quality IVR Prompts

Professionally voiced and produced audio to effectively promote your business and turn callers into customers.



High quality audio

Our studio has the latest equipment and best audio editing packages, we also produce audio for broadcast on Radio that's the kind of quality we're talking.



Dedicated account manager

You’ll have one point of contact so you know who to speak to when you need us. 


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