When Nokia ruled the world

Cast your mind back to 1999, one of the world’s most popular phones was released, the Nokia 3210, and then of course the 3310.

Photo credit: Nokia

Photo credit: Nokia

The Nokia 3210 remains one of the most successful phones ever invented and Nokia was at one point the biggest producer of mobiles in the world. Competition from Apple caused declining sales and lead to Nokia being bought by Microsoft back in 2013.

Nokia has announced its return to the mobile market and this has got us reminiscing about the good old days of a mobile that had it all, without us feeling the need to have it glued to us every waking moment of our day.

Remember when you had that one really difficult decision to make? Space Impact or Snake? The battery life was incredible, it was virtually indestructible and yet it was so simple!

There were some great aspects to the simplicity of the Nokia 3210, over complicating phones to be a mini computer in your pocket has almost taken away from the communication aspect of a phone. Back in the day on a Nokia it was text or call, which by today’s standards is limiting but this simplicity certainly improved their shelf life!

Theres's the old joke...

"I just put on a jacket I last wore at a wedding in 2001 and found a Nokia 3210 in the pocket. It still has 2 bars of battery left"

KISS - keep it simple, stupid

Keeping things simple is often the best way to ensure things go to plan. If you over complicate your phone system menu when customers call they’re more likely to make the wrong selection or be put off before they even get through. Let’s get back to plain, simple and effective communication. As impressive as it might be that we can now communicate by text, email, social media or instant messaging what your customers want is to speak to a human.

When you communicate over the phone you do more than just speak, you pick up on feelings, have a more natural conversation that’s not possible via text or email and you can of course laugh together!

Let’s not let the art of conversation die!

Go on pick up your phone and call someone, anyone, in fact I challenge you to call 3 people you know you should have spoken before now but haven't... do it today.