On Hold Scripts

What makes a good On Hold Message?

We are often asked , 'What makes a good On Hold Message?'  We think there are three points that need to be present in each On Hold Message to engage with the caller.  But, before we go into detail, we should point out that an On Hold Message is just one of a number of messages which make up an On Hold Marketing Audio Production - our basic package features 8 individual On Hold Messages.

What makes a good On Hold Message?

1. Good Content. Each message should deal with one specific product or service your business provides, this allows you to promote each offering to its full potential and fully engage with the caller. Reeling off a list of services might be impressive but it's not very interesting for the listener. 

2. Persuasive Writing. A well written and interesting message is essential to engage with the caller and make them take action which leads nicely into point 3....

3. Call to Action. Finally each message should have a Call to Action, i.e. something to prompt the caller to respond. This could be to ask a member of staff for more information when their call is answered, visit a website, follow you on Twitter or Facebook any action which you can track, so you can monitor how your On Hold Marketing Messages are performing. 

It goes without saying that every message needs to be up-to-date as callers will quickly spot old and outdated messages.

Script writing by one of our marketing experts is included with every On Hold Marketing Solution.


by Emily O'Connell - Head Script Writer at iNarrator OnHold