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Worst On Hold of The Month - March 2017

Every month we'll showcase the worst Music On Hold we've heard that month. 

March 2017 we have this beauty straight out of the 80's which sounds like a broken ice cream van.

Needless to say the client contacted us because clients made negative comments about the On Hold Experience, 

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You’ll know it if you hear it. Cisco On Hold Music

Cisco Music On Hold gains cult status.

Cisco Music On Hold gains cult status.

In case you didn't already know, we’re pretty big on On Hold Music. We aren't the silent type, we like music and talking and knowing that if we’re on hold that our call hasn't been swallowed by the abyss of silence.

You’re probably quite familiar with some of the on hold classic tunes, today we’ll discuss corporate phone giant Cisco’s on hold music.

No one wants to be on hold but it has to happen, at least if it does you might get the chance to listen to a piece of music which now has a cult following. In 1989 a song was composed which would change on hold music for ever. Behold Cisco’s On Hold music.

Composed in 1989 by Tim Carleton, his friend Darrick Deel began working for Cisco back in the 90s and contacted Carleton to excitedly tell him that the forgotten track he’d recorded nearly ten years prior, was perfect for Cisco’s default on hold music.

Dubbed as the ultimate background music, if just a subtle reminder that things are still ticking over, the track was quickly uploaded to 65 Million IP phones, quite impressive to go from a forgotten track to being listened to multiple times a day, whenever someone was placed on hold at various companies or call centres. Deel estimates that around 1 Million people hear this track a day, we think it’s probably even more.

Weirdly Cisco’s music has ventured away from being simply on hold music, into that sort of song that irritates you when you first hear it which grows on you until you find yourself foot tapping and humming along to it when you’re out and about.

What is it about music that grabs our attention and stirs something in us? Well it’s all very sciency, and about music linking to our emotions. We like that music is a universal language, available for anyone to enjoy without language barriers and that it makes us happy. As Tolstoy said, “music is the shorthand of emotion.”

Music and On Hold Marketing shouldn’t simply be about distracting your customers before they’re connected to your advisors, you should have a hold over your customer, keeping their attention and making their call to you memorable, even in the supposedly ‘boring’ bit of on hold. Whilst music can be seen as a distraction by some, others find it helps you focus, either way it needs to be entertaining and deter your customers from hanging up! 

So how can you rival the track that so many people unwittingly love? Opus No. 1 as the Cisco track is known, is the ultimate ear worm but if you’re looking for something with less 90s vibes then we have just the thing!

For the full story watch the video below:

A Superior Sound

Technology is one of those parts of life which seems to have a revival every now and then, aspects of tech become retro and then creep back into the mainstream. Vinyl is a brilliant example of a seemingly outdated form of technology, which has stormed back into modern day life and is once again being lapped up by the masses.

Tomorrow, April 18th sees record fanatics celebrating and promoting independent record stores all over the country for Record Store Day. Just like records, On Hold Marketing isn't the most brand spanking new technology on the block but it’s all about promoting your business effectively and giving your customers something worth listening to.

If you've ever listened to vinyl you’ll know it’s a far superior sound, it’s authentic and clear and much like On Hold Marketing, it’s about people and communicating. Recording a clear and informative message for your customers gives your company a personal touch, making you stand out from the tons of voiceless companies out there.

To throw in a cheesy quote, Madonna once said “Music makes the people come together” and the Queen of Pop can’t be wrong, can she?

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Take a leaf out of Tim Cook's book...

When an Apple customer emailed Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) to complain about the quality of Apple's call centre music on hold, he was slightly shocked to get a call the very next day to inform him things would be improved.

The Apple customer posted the message below on Reddit, in response to a thread about the Apple Maps team correcting incorrect address data.

I once sent Tim an email about the quality of music while on hold with Apple. It was super low quality, therefore an upbeat rock song sounded like pure distortion and really aggravated me because I was on hold for 20+ minutes for something so simple (iPhone didn’t turn on, needed to set up a repair as in my country no Apple Store = have to send it to another country).

Much to my surprise a lady from Cupertino called me up the next day, saying she’d received a concerning email from Tim about ugly distortion hold music while on the phone, that Tim had tested this himself and agreed that something had to be done. She assured me that the hold music would be tested to make sure it sounded pleasant on all types of phones and connections.

The next time I called Apple, the hold music was indeed very pleasant.

Cook has admitted in interviews that he reads hundreds of emails from customers everyday, and so seems is carrying on the tradition of acting on and replying to emails from customers just as Steve Jobs did as CEO.

Well done Apple and Tim Cook for taking action and improving their Music On Hold.

When did you last call your company to check what callers hear while on hold?

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by Steve Hindley - The Creative Director at iNarrator OnHold. You can find Steve on Google+