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Effective communication at Christmas

One quick Google for Christmas inspiration and it’s clear to see there’s no shortage of heart-warming festive news, giving us the warm fuzzies here at iNarrator HQ. Something that stands out to us is how much people strive to make their Christmas the most memorable one yet, full of family traditions both old and new.

Another thing that is important around this time of year is keeping in touch and catching up with loved ones. For little one’s there’s no one more important to speak to than Santa, so the opportunity to see the Big Man in his grotto is one not to be missed. This week a video was posted on the internet of a three year old sat on Santa’s lap having a conversation in sign language because she has difficulty speaking. Our hearts grew three sizes that day after watching the real life Miracle on 34th Street scene. It made us think about the importance of communication in all forms, speaking, writing, messages and even signing.


We've also been embracing the nostalgia of old Christmas tales, from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to The Snowman, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up and creating a new classic we've found out this week. The same goes for your on hold messages, New Year, New Audio? Perhaps you've got some exciting new products for 2016 or are expanding, why not give your on hold marketing a refresh for the start of the New Year?

We've had Christmas tunes blasting since late November and really understand the need for your seasonal on hold messages to be as catchy (just like our On Hold Song) and informative, communicating to your callers when you’re open around the festive season and if you've got any great deals for them! Don’t lose out on business just because you've not updated, give alternative contact information and clear opening hours so you can start business in January with a bang!

Since ‘tis the season of good will we wanted to let you know that we've chosen a brilliant charity to support this year and with your help we can achieve our aim of to buy as many driving experiences as possible! So for or every Christmas Package purchased we’ll donate £10 to Speed of Sight. The charity was set up by Mike Newman, the fastest blind man on the planet and runs driving experience days for people with disabilities. There’s loads of great videos on their website www.speedofsight.org  

A Superior Sound

Technology is one of those parts of life which seems to have a revival every now and then, aspects of tech become retro and then creep back into the mainstream. Vinyl is a brilliant example of a seemingly outdated form of technology, which has stormed back into modern day life and is once again being lapped up by the masses.

Tomorrow, April 18th sees record fanatics celebrating and promoting independent record stores all over the country for Record Store Day. Just like records, On Hold Marketing isn't the most brand spanking new technology on the block but it’s all about promoting your business effectively and giving your customers something worth listening to.

If you've ever listened to vinyl you’ll know it’s a far superior sound, it’s authentic and clear and much like On Hold Marketing, it’s about people and communicating. Recording a clear and informative message for your customers gives your company a personal touch, making you stand out from the tons of voiceless companies out there.

To throw in a cheesy quote, Madonna once said “Music makes the people come together” and the Queen of Pop can’t be wrong, can she?

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Eloquently Put

Last year saw the Oxford English Dictionary embrace the digital age, integrating numerous new marketing related words and phrases. This month they’ve added several new words and sub-entries. They may not be specifically linked to the digital age but they relate well to On-Hold Marketing.

A few of the new phrases include;

  • Ear-opening
  • Ear-popping
  • Important sounding
  •  Well looked after

Your On-Hold marketing shouldn't be ear-popping, tinny or several decibels louder than it needs to be. Before your customer has even had their call answered they’re likely to have formed an opinion about your company, based on your On-Hold messages. Some on-hold music delivers one simple message - that you’re still on hold. What if the message you send out to your customers was actually, ear-opening and sent out more than that?

On-Hold Marketing gives you a chance to be an important sounding company, one your customers want to do business with. Treating them to a better quality audio and On-Hold message can show your customers that you want them to be well looked after, before they even speak to anyone!

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Why we recommend at least 3 minutes of On Hold Audio...

Every day we speak to business owners and marketing managers and we're quite often told:

"We don't put people on hold for long"


"Callers don't hold for more than 15 seconds"

Our response is always the same...

"Yes but you do put people On Hold... and here's the reason we recommend at least 3 minutes of On Hold Audio..."

Your customers call you on a regular basis and if you have the same generic On Hold Message going round and round (or even worse, silence or beeps!) it's going to drive them mad!

Our 3 Minute On Hold Package includes 6 different marketing messages, so your callers are much less likely to hear the same message every time they call.... simple when you think about it.

Take a look at our on hold prices, then request our free On Hold Demo today.


by Steve Hindley - The Creative Director at iNarrator OnHold. You can find Steve on Google+

3 Major Benefits of On-Hold Marketing

3 Major Benefits of On-Hold Marketing

There are many statistics about On-Hold Marketing available all over the net, (in fact Google gives you 'About 177,000,000 results in an impressive 0.28 seconds '

The main point being that On Hold Marketing really is an under used and effective form or marketing that is overlooked by a large number of businesses.

So we thought we'd put together a list of the 3 main benefits of On-Hold Marketing Messages.