Eloquently Put

Last year saw the Oxford English Dictionary embrace the digital age, integrating numerous new marketing related words and phrases. This month they’ve added several new words and sub-entries. They may not be specifically linked to the digital age but they relate well to On-Hold Marketing.

A few of the new phrases include;

  • Ear-opening
  • Ear-popping
  • Important sounding
  •  Well looked after

Your On-Hold marketing shouldn't be ear-popping, tinny or several decibels louder than it needs to be. Before your customer has even had their call answered they’re likely to have formed an opinion about your company, based on your On-Hold messages. Some on-hold music delivers one simple message - that you’re still on hold. What if the message you send out to your customers was actually, ear-opening and sent out more than that?

On-Hold Marketing gives you a chance to be an important sounding company, one your customers want to do business with. Treating them to a better quality audio and On-Hold message can show your customers that you want them to be well looked after, before they even speak to anyone!

So why not have one of our professional script writers create an On-Hold Marketing Message for your company? You can request your free demo message by clicking here.