Waaasssssuuupp ITV

Last week marked sixty years since Independent Television or ITV as it’s known today, began broadcasting. With it has come a burst of nostalgia surrounding the best adverts on TV. The first advert ever to be broadcast on UK television was for Gibbs SR Toothpaste, on September 22nd 1955 at 8.12PM. Over 100,000 people tuned in and since this day some adverts have become almost as memorable as some TV shows.

Completely revolutionary at the time, the advert was based around a promotion which had only before been shown in a newspaper. An interview with Brian Palmer, who made the advert, highlights how new and powerful the medium of advertising was at the time and how advertising techniques have developed to suit modern audiences; “the media has become so fragmented, the ads have become very specialised in lots of ways.”

Palmer notes how the “attention span of the audience today is much shorter and the terms of reference are much wider.” Adverts have become so memorable over the decades that they frequently make headlines, from the much anticipated John Lewis Christmas adverts or the Coca Cola one to the Budweiser adverts or the more controversial Tango advert in the 90s. They’re all unforgettable and have created a talking point whilst promoting their products.  

We all know that adverts are used to grab our attention about a product or service, yet the Golden Age of TV adverts is coming to an end. With the ability to fast forward through adverts on TV or install and ad blocker extension to your browser they’re easy to avoid, but you can’t fast forward being On Hold on the phone.

The use of Music On Hold Marketing in your business is a brilliant way to advertise your latest products, services and offers to your hottest leads, callers with their ear to the phone. There’s little room or need for modesty, promoting your accreditations and awards couldn’t be easier than when someone is waiting to speak to you, instilling confidence in your company before the customer has reached an advisor.

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Happy birthday ITV.