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How to set up Music On Hold Marketing Audio on your VoIP Telephone System

If you're looking to swap the generic hold music that's pre-loaded on your VoIP system we can help.

Music On-Hold Marketing Audio for VoIP Systems

The good news is, most VoIP systems already have Music On-Hold enabled, it's just a case of replacing the generic music that came with the system with a professionally recorded Music On Hold Marketing Audio - you don't need to purchase any additional equipment.

Loading your New On-Hold Audio

Once your new Music On-Hold Marketing Audio is ready all you have to do is log into your VoIP control panel (on line or locally) and upload the new On-Hold Audio to the system - simple as that.


We can supply audio in a range of formats including:

44.1Khz 16Bit Mono MP3

44.1Khz 16Bit Mono Wav

8Khz 16Bit Mono Wav

8Khz 8Bit Mono Wav

8Khz 8Bit Mono u-Law

8Khz 8bit Mono a-Law

and many more file formats...

If the format you need isn't listed above give drop us an email or call us on 0800 0112 123 to check but I’m sure we can provide the format you need.


by Steve Hindley - The Creative Director at iNarrator OnHold. You can find Steve on Google+