Track Day with Speed of Sight

A day to remember with Speed of Sight

Last Monday (21st March 2016) we spent the afternoon with our chosen charity for 2016 Speed of Sight.

3 Sisters Race Track was the venue, we were there to grab some sound bites and sound effects for their On Hold Audio. Little did we know we'd be given the chance to get behind the wheel - BLINDFOLDED!

After three laps of the track sighted, into the pits we came to don a blindfold for a truly unforgettable and sightly terrifying hot lap of the track. After the first 3 corners I'd lost my bearings and in the hands of the instructor providing directions - when to turn, brake and accelerate.

The team and I now have even more respect for blind or partially sighted people and anyone with a disability. Thank you to everyone at Speed of Sight for an amazing experience, keep up the good work.

Take a look at some of the pictures and sound clips below. 

Here are a few sound bites from the day...

For more information on the fantastic work of Speed of Sight visit their website