Auto Attendant Message

Why should your company be using professionally voiced Auto Attendant Messages?

Who Voiced Your Auto Attendant Message?

Are you using an Auto Attendant Message to greet callers and give them a list of department options? Who recorded the message?

If it's someone from your office then you're giving out the wrong image because it doesn't sound professional. Is this how you want your company to sound?

When a new or existing client calls your company you have an opportunity to speak directly to them and take control of the customer experience. This all starts with what they hear before speaking to a member of staff.

The Advantage of Professional Auto Attendant Messages:

Professionally voiced Auto Attendant Messages, recorded by a voiceover artist will be:

  • Clear and precise
  • Easy to understand
  • Better quality than recording yourself

Try this...

Pick up the phone, dial your main number and listen to the Auto Attendant Message. How does it sound? If it's not clear and easy to understand and sounds like it was recorded on a 1980's tape recorder then we can help.

by Steve Hindley - The Creative Director at iNarrator OnHold. You can find Steve on Google+