The Man Who Hears Colour

Samsung have recently launched the Connected Series, in partnership with Vimeo, which delves into the weird and wonderful world of technology and how modern day tech impacts and affects the way we communicate with one another.

“We partnered with Vimeo to explore a meaningful dialogue about the human relationship with technology and innovation. As a result, this series of ten compelling filmmaker perspectives offers a new point of view on a modern question.”

The one we’ve found most interesting here at iNarrator is Greg Brunkalla’s documentary short on Neil Harbisson’s incredible invention. Neil is completely colour blind, born with achromatopsia, a vision disorder which affects 1 in every 33,000.

In 2004 Neil, who is an artist, developed an antenna which would allow him to sense colour. The antenna is implanted into his skull and works by detecting light frequencies which are then transmitted to the implanted chimp, converting the frequencies into sound waves.

The short documentary looks into Neil’s relationship with colour, it’s hard to imagine but he can hear a symphony of colour, in food, objects and even people. Harbisson’s solution is a perfect example of how technology can be implemented and manipulated into a way that helps us to overcome limitations and obstacles and open up seemingly unimaginable solutions. He is connecting with the world in a uniquely innovative way. 

Truthfully we weren’t 100% sure if this was real when we first read about the amazing invention. Harbisson highlights that there is no end to the evolution to the device, which really resonates with technology on a more broad scale. Why would you stop when you could constantly develop and improve something?

We think this is particularly important at our company, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and offer more to our customers’, do you do the same? Keeping yourself connected to your customers and keeping them updated is vital in modern day, because there are so few limitations of connecting with technology.

 You can find more information about Neil here: