A Superior Sound

Technology is one of those parts of life which seems to have a revival every now and then, aspects of tech become retro and then creep back into the mainstream. Vinyl is a brilliant example of a seemingly outdated form of technology, which has stormed back into modern day life and is once again being lapped up by the masses.

Tomorrow, April 18th sees record fanatics celebrating and promoting independent record stores all over the country for Record Store Day. Just like records, On Hold Marketing isn't the most brand spanking new technology on the block but it’s all about promoting your business effectively and giving your customers something worth listening to.

If you've ever listened to vinyl you’ll know it’s a far superior sound, it’s authentic and clear and much like On Hold Marketing, it’s about people and communicating. Recording a clear and informative message for your customers gives your company a personal touch, making you stand out from the tons of voiceless companies out there.

To throw in a cheesy quote, Madonna once said “Music makes the people come together” and the Queen of Pop can’t be wrong, can she?

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