Bye Bye Betamax

Think back 10 years, the DVD had just come onto the scene and it wouldn’t be long before video tapes were a distant memory, yet another piece of tech being replaced, it hadn’t been long since we waved goodbye to beloved self-recorded tapes of our favourite music from the radio.

We’ve constantly updated the way we listen to music and watch film, it’s not been that long since we stopped loading music onto our iPods or phones and started digitally streaming it instead or relied on Netflix rather than Blockbuster to keep us entertained at the weekend. Adapting technology of this sort does provide us with a more enjoyable experience and makes life a lot easier.

Then again there is a certain nostalgia from listening to something or watching something on a physical format. Sony have just announced (to the dismay of many a car boot sale goer) that as of March 2016 they will no longer produce Betamax cassette tapes. Pioneered by the company during the 70s, Sony’s video tapes offered a better quality recording than rival JVC’s VHS tapes.

With the sad departure of the video tape, we can at least rejoice in the fact that vinyl has come back with a bang, with sales of records in the UK during 2014 around 1.2 Million, an increase of more than 50% than 2013.

At iNarrator, we see the benefit of both the old and new. Your customers appreciate familiarity but also want to be kept up to date. Yet it’s clear to hear that scratchy muffled recordings aren’t going to do your business any favours and first impressions are everything remember!

This has made us wonder why we bothered re-coiling an over-played video tape that played with wibbly rainbow lines across it, instead of replacing or updating, do you think it’s time you did the same for your on hold audio?