Is there still a place for voicemail in business?

It may seem like a dated form of technology but voicemail is really vital for your business. It can increase your productivity, communication with your customers and colleagues, you never miss a call and your callers don’t miss you! So next time you call someone who doesn’t answer, don’t immediately hang up when you hear “I’m sorry but the person you’re trying to reach is unavai…” leave a message.

Yes in an ideal world every call would be answered in person but that’s just not possible, so what are the benefits of pairing voicemail with your On Hold Marketing?

There are a number of ways voicemail can be deployed into your business to improve customer service.

Firstly every employee should have a personalised voicemail message on their direct dial/mobile, this reassures customers they have dialled the correct number and are much more likely to leave a message. Employees can record their own voicemail or have a professional voiceover record it for them.

Secondly if you take a high number of calls and customers have to hold in a call queue, give them the option of requesting a call back by leaving a voicemail message so they can get on with their day, just make sure you have a process in place to ensure customers are called back as soon as possible.

Thirdly when you finish for the day you can switch your telephone system to night mode and send all calls direct to voicemail. With a professionally recorded voicemail message callers are more likely to leave a message.

Well we recently read Giovanni Anchois’ praise for voicemail and it really highlighted how much more productive you could be in a day just by taking messages, and how much business you could retain. It’s much more convenient for you to be able to pick up messages when you have the time to devote to getting back to customers with a little bit of knowledge about their query, prior to talking to them directly.

There’s something that voicemail can give us that an email can’t, which is emotion. You can learn a lot just from a short message on your answerphone, from the voice on the other end conveying how urgent their call is, how happy they are or how annoyed they are (hopefully you don’t get any like that!).

Being able to pick up a message from a potential or existing customer will give you some information about their query. Granted this may only be a snippet but it’s better than missing a call, not having a voicemail option and losing out on business or upsetting a loyal customer.

Anchois makes a very valid point about modern life and how we connect to one another; “The most natural way for humans to interact and communicate is not the web. It’s not email. It’s not instant messaging. It’s not mobile text messaging. It’s definitely not Facebook.” Its natural conversations which only happen when face to face or over the phone.

So have we convinced you? It’s convenient, accessible, personal and productive.

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