Super Advertising and the Super Bowl

Every year it gets bigger and bigger....

The Best Super bowl Adverts of 2014

The Super Bowl... It's so big it's crossed the pond and even over here in the UK for a couple of weeks running up to the the main event, we get glimpses of the TV commercials which will make their premier during the superbowl. 


Why Spend So Much?

Advertising spots within the Super bowl cost a FORTUNE.

But advertisers know their target market will be watching and they also know that all the ads (well as least the good ones) get massive media coverage before and long after the Super-bowl, on both mainstream media and social media channels.

With social media playing an ever bigger part of the experience brands have taken to producing content specifically for social media channels to build up the hype even more.  


Adverts and tweets from the night

Here's Brand Republic's look at the top Super-bowl ads and tweets from the night. 


By Steve Hindley