What we've learnt by having funny On Hold Audio

Hopefully you've seen our On-Hold Promo Video (if not, why not follow this link now!) we've had a great reaction from everyone who's seen it so we thought we'd see what the reaction of callers is when they hear it On-Hold.

You know you're doing something right when...

So we uploaded it to our VoIP system and the very first caller who heard it asked to be put back On Hold so she could let the rest of the office hear it!

What a reaction, but it's no fluke.

It works because we're laughing at ourselves. Our business is writing and producing On-Hold Marketing Audio so opening our On-Hold Song with the line 'Oh it's furstrating being on hold...' was a little risky but callers get it and it makes them laugh! 


Make your callers laugh while On-Hold

If you could make every one of your callers smile or even laugh out loud (as some of ours have) then you're creating or reinforcing the bond you have with them. We also hope it shows we're good at what we do you would employ a web designer with a rubbish website would you! 


Get your very own On-Hold Song

Some of our clients have asked us to create a similar 'On-Hold Song' for their business and you can have one to now visit our On-Hold Song page to find out more and if you've not seen the video which accompanies our On-Hold song you can watch it here.

by Steve Hindley - The Creative Director at iNarrator OnHold. You can find Steve on Google+