Content Marketing & On Hold Marketing

Everyone's talking about... Content Marketing

The term content marketing has been knocking around for years, but in the run up to Christmas it's something that's really taken off.


So what is Content Marketing and how does it affect you?

Basically it's any form of marketing that involves creating and distributing original, relevant and interesting content to existing and potential customers, with the objective of creating a connection. It's nothing new and you're probably already doing it in one form or another but it's not direct selling.

Content Marketing can take many forms including news, photos, videos, case studies, infographics, e-books, how-to guides, and white papers to name a few. Content Marketing has become popular because when done well it really does work and if the hype is to be believed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is slowly dying out in favour of high quality content.

Well thought out, written and presented content gets readers clicking, sharing and eventually purchasing, so much so that large brands have found creating their own content is far more efficient at reaching and engaging customers than traditional adverts.

As with any form of marketing you need to think about:

  • Who you're talking to...
  • What your message is...
  • How you'll measure its success...

So how can On Hold Marketing and Content Marketing work together?

If you're regularly creating quality content there's no reason this can't be re-worked slightly to keep your On Hold Marketing fresh and relevant to your customers.

There's lots of information out there, search for Content Marketing and get your thinking cap on!


by Steve Hindley - The Creative Director at iNarrator OnHold. You can find Steve on Google+