Auto Attendant Messages

How often do you call a company and Sarah from Accounts 'welcomes' you with a list of options that sound terrible and are just plain tedious in the most monotonous tone imaginable? It’s not the best start to a phone call and it doesn’t create a good impression.

Now with a bit of thought and a professional voiceover you can change your boring Auto Attendant Message into one that’s much more welcoming and even fun. Imagine if you made every caller smile before even speaking to them, you’ve created a connection and more than likely improved their mood.

So what’s the first thing a client hears when they call you?

Pick up the phone right now, dial your main number and see what happens... you’d be surprised how many business owners we speak to who don’t know how their phone system sounds. Oh and while you’re at it ask to be put On Hold, because we can also help you with that too.

Example Auto Attendant Messages...


Complete Telephone System Branding

If you just need an Auto Attendant Message you can order it online by clicking the button below.

However you might want to consider a complete Telephone Audio Branding package that includes an Auto Attendant Message, Busy Message, Out of Hours Message and On Hold Messages.

Need help then give us a call 0800 0112 123 and we'll put together a package just for you.

Call Centre Audio

If you’re large company with a multi-tier IVR system we can help; visit our Call Centre Audio page.

If you're not sure what service you need then give us a call 0800 0112 123

Don’t get us wrong we haven't got anything against Sarah from Accounts. We're sure she's got a nice voice and is a lovely person but she’s not a professional voiceover.

Would you send her out selling to customers?

No? Then you need a professionally recorded Auto Attendant.